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Business Insurance

Our policies protect future memories

Navigating the business insurance market can be daunting as there are so many providers, offers and conditions to go through. We provide expert advice on all of the following personal insurance categories.

Key Person Insurance

Business Success relies on having a strong team, These key people are often relied on by the business to generate income. Make sure your covered in the event they are no longer able to provide.

Commercial Liability

Unfortunate accidents can happen at work, these are often out of your control. However you can control the level of cover you have to protect you in the event something does go wrong.

Revenue Protection

Revenue is one of the most, if not the most essential part of business. Make sure that your covered if something goes wrong.


Make sure that your business assets are insured and protected from unfortunate accidents that often come at the worst of times.

Debt Protection

Not everyone can and will pay back debt. Make sure your business is covered in the event your debtors are unable to pay.

Share Purchase Insurance

Death or Disability is unfortunately a risk when conducting business. In the even your partner or co/owners is unable to work. Share price insurance will self fund the purchase price to buy them out.